Manitou 280TJ

Diesel powered telescopic lift

Manitou’s diesel-powered telescopic lift 280 TJ gives you a working height of up to 27.75 m. With continuous tower rotation and a horizontal reach of more than 21 m, machine movements are reduced and the operator has an exceptionally good working area. With a ground clearance of 43 cm, 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering, it has high accessibility. The noise level is also reduced, as well as the fuel consumption, thanks in particular to the gradual hydraulic control of the engine speed.

All our 280 TJ lifts are equipped with a pinch protection (Safe Man System) as standard equipment included in the price. The Safe Man system is a pinch protection system that we have as standard equipment and it is included on all our personal lifts. This is to offer security and minimize risk for drivers working on platforms. If something happens when you are standing in the basket (you get caught between a wall/ceiling, etc.), there is a wire that you pull. After 3 seconds, it triggers an alarm, starts flashing and all functions stop.


  • Working height

    27,75 m

  • Platform height

    25,75 m

  • Reach

    21,45 m

  • Capacity

    350 kg

  • Motor

    Kubota V2403-M