Komatsu WA475-10 Wheel loader

The next generation of wheel loaders

Komatsu’s new WA475-10 wheel loader is up to 30% more fuel efficient and is perfect for any transport or loading job. The WA475-10 is a unique combination of fuel efficiency, productivity and ease of use.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

  • Satisfies EU Step V
  • Komatsu hydraulic mechanical transmission (K ‑ HMT)
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions
  • 15% higher torque at low speeds

Top class comfort

  • Completely redesigned cab, improved ergonomics
  • Tinted UV protection glass
  • High-performance air conditioning
  • New information panel

Optimized efficiency

  • Highly efficient drawers
  • Komatsu anti-spin system (K-TCS)
  • Massive lifting and breaking force
  • High-precision electric lever control

State-of-the-art operating functions

  • Independent operation of drive and load equipment
  • Automatic hill start function
  • Stepless regulation of maximum driving speed

Easy maintenance

  • Electric opening of motor cover
  • Roughly ribbed radiator with reversible fan
  • Factory-fitted central lubrication


Powerful and environmentally friendly

Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (K ‑ HMT)

K-HMT combines the advantages of a torque converter and hydrostatic drive. This innovative technology, developed by Komatsu, adds extra power to the WA475-10, along with ultra-low fuel consumption and industry-leading productivity. An electronic control unit makes it possible to maintain a low and stable engine speed.
Minimal interaction is required, while operation is more simple. K-HMT self-braking provides increased safety and reduces brake wear.

Increased engine power

The engine is specially designed to work with K-HMT technology. It provides higher performance and up to 15% higher torque at low revs, compared to the previous model.

Massive lifting power

The load unit with Z-link is optimized for significantly faster loading cycles. Increased lifting and breaking force simplifies the drawer filling, and in combination with the new high-efficiency Komatsu drawers, this results in an increased production level of several tonnes per hour.

Komatsu EU Step V

The new Komatsu engine satisfies EU Stage V and is a productive, productive, reliable and efficient engine. With extremely low emissions, it provides a smaller environmental footprint and superior performance. This reduces operating costs, while at the same time giving the driver less to worry about at work.

Effective exhaust treatment

The exhaust after-treatment system combines a Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR system injects the correct amount of AdBlue® with the correct ratio to break down NOx into water (H2O) and harmless nitrogen gas (N2). NOx emissions are reduced by 80% compared to EU Stage IIIB engines.

Optimized efficiency

Independent operation of drive and work equipment

This revolutionary system simplifies operation and provides faster load cycles. The lifting speed is now controlled by the lever stroke and not by the accelerator pedal. The right balance between traction and lifting speed is easily achieved with the WA475-10, which can enter the loading area evenly and safely.

Adjustment wheel for speed control

The machine’s driving speed can be kept constant thanks to the integrated adjustment wheel – without having to use the service brake, even on downhills.

Automatic drawer filling

The automatic bucket filling controls the movement of the loader by registering the pressure in the hydraulic system of the work equipment. The system adapts to different types of material without the operator intervening. The load on the driver is greatly reduced and ideal load capacity is ensured.

High-precision electric lever control

The re-designed control system is more powerful and more precise. This facilitates loading and carrying operations in rough terrain and further improves the machine’s controllability.

Komatsu anti-spin system (K-TCS)

K-TCS controls the K-HMT and the motor to automatically optimize traction in relation to operating conditions. Traction can be adjusted in 4 different steps to prevent the wheels from spinning – regardless of operating conditions. Constant traction increases productivity and reduces tire wear and costs.

Drive line with automatic braking function

The WA475-10 has an automatic engine brake that helps to brake the machine evenly when the driver eases his foot off the accelerator pedal. The engine brake also reduces brake wear. In addition, the new automatic hill start function makes it comfortable to work on inclines.


Avaiable equipment:

  • Loading bucket
  • Driftsvekt

    26 850 kg

  • Motor

    "Common rail" directly injected, water-cooled, turbocharged, post-cooled diesel engine. Meets EU Stage V emission requirements

  • Skuffevolum

    4,2 - 6 m³

  • Motoreffekt

    217 kW / 291 hk

  • 30% more fuel efficient
  • 20% increased lifting power
  • 10% higher swing force
  • 8% increased breaking force
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Satisfies EU Step V
  • Curved windshield, larger front window
  • KHMT self-braking