Komatsu WA270-8 Wheel loader

A versatile wheel loader for most work areas

The Komatsu WA270-8 wheel loader offers a unique combination of stability, breakout power and traction. A universal machine for any loading and digging job with great breaking force and the largest tipping height in the class.

Powerful and eco-friendly

  • Meets the emission requirements of EU Step V
  • Komatsu SmartLoader Logic
  • Highly efficient hydrostatic driveline
  • Highly efficient buckets
  • Adjustable automatic idling

Highly efficient hydrostatic driveline

The electronically controlled variable pump together with 2 hydraulic motors provides great efficiency and plenty of power. At low speed, both motors are engaged to get the greatest possible torque. Large forces for both leveling and drawer filling are achieved thanks to the efficient driveline with large forces all the way up from the lowest speed. At higher speed, a clutch disengages the low-speed motor, which reduces unnecessary power consumption and provides an exceptionally favorable fuel consumption.

Komatsu SmartLoader Logic

WA270-8 has “Komatsu SmartLoader Logic”, a fully automatic motor control system. Without interfering with normal operation, this technology collects data from various sensors in the machine and delivers optimal motor torque for each individual working phase. It reduces torque during less demanding work and reduces fuel consumption without reducing performance.

More fuel-saving technology

The WA270-8’s “Eco Meter” displays active on-screen recommendations in the cab to help you maximize fuel savings. New variable piston pumps reduce fuel consumption by pumping out exact amounts of hydraulic oil.

Komatsu EU Step V

Komatsu EU Step V is a productive, reliable, and efficient engine. With extremely low emissions, it provides a better environmental footprint and superior performance. This reduces operating costs, while at the same time giving the driver less to think about during work.

Effective exhaust aftertreatment

The exhaust after-treatment system combines a Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR system injects the correct amount of AdBlue® with the correct ratio to break down NOx into water (H2O) and harmless nitrogen gas (N2). NOx emissions are reduced by 80% compared to EU Stage IIIB engines.


High class comfort

  • New air-sprung driver’s seat
  • High resolution screen and widescreen format
  • Low noise construction
  • Rear view camera
  • Komatsu lever control (K-SLS) (optional)

New air-sprung driver’s seat

The wide and spacious cabin has a new air-sprung, high-back, and heated driver’s seat for better comfort. Seat ventilation can be supplied as an option to increase maximum comfort.

PPC multifunction lever

PPC multifunction lever for electrically operated 3rd function is an option. This includes a forward-neutral-reverse switch that makes driving easy. The third valve can be selected via monitor as engine- or cylinder function. This makes operating the machine very easy. (Note that 3rd valve is not standard, but is optional)

Improved driver environment

With increased storage space in the cab, AUX input (Mp3 input) and 12 V and 24 V power supply, the cab provides extra comfort. The automatic air conditioning system allows the driver to control the indoor climate easily and accurately.

Rear view camera

A standard rear-view camera provides super visibility to the workplace behind, on the large wide-screen color screen. The low-built rear-view camera is adjustable and integrated in the bonnet.

Komatsu lever control (K-SLS)

The new lever control provides precise control with minimal use of force.  The driver can relax in the comfortable air-sprung driver’s seat and steer the machine. A better sitting position provide less strain, will improve concentration, and better the efficiency in the work to be performed.


Universal PZ control arm system

  • Combines the advantages of the Z-link arm-system with parallel guidance
  • Fast pallet handling
  • Superb breaking force and easy filling of the drawer
  • High tilt force gives perfect control over heavy implements

One machine for many tasks PZ = “parallel Z-geometry” has the advantages of parallel lifting for work with pallets, and great force for work with heavy equipment. The PZ control arm-system makes your WA270-8 a truly universal machine for handling all kinds of jobs.

Parallel guidance provides easy, accurate handling of pallets

PZ linkage arm-system provides good movement, strength, and a perfect, safe parallel guide over the entire lifting area. Together with the good overview, it is easy to stack pallets or work in tight areas.

Easy filling of drawer

The impressive breaking power of the WA270-8 makes mass extraction and loading easy, even for an untrained driver. Even the discerning, experienced driver will appreciate the good qualities, not least when extracting heavy, difficult mass.

Full control even with heavy and difficult loads

With the PZ system, the tilt force reaches an optimal level, especially at maximum load height. This is important when using large tools such as high tipping buckets and other large drawers. WA270-8 is the ideal choice for working with heavy implements.

The largest tipping height in the class

The long loader arm gives the class’ largest tipping height of as much as 2.95 m with a static tipping load of 10.3 tons (with 2.3 m³ of soil and stone bucket, measured on the bucket front). This provides fast and efficient filling of dumpers, high shafts etc.

Precise, hydrostatic operation (HST) with fast reaction

  • Fast and powerful response provides fast work cycles
  • Great agility makes it suitable even in tight areas
  • Advanced traction control provides high accessibility and minimal tire wear (K-TCS)
  • The top speed settings provide maximum safety

Fast and powerful response provides fast work cycles

Komatsu HST, has an impressively fast and precise response that provides effective, yet comfortable changes of direction. Driver commands are transmitted without delay to the wheels. This means fast work cycles and great efficiency.

Advanced operation of anti-spin system (K-TCS)

For maximum traction, the Komatsu Traction Control System (K-TCS) controls the HST pumps, hydraulic motor and diesel engine. The force that is to be transferred to the wheels can be set in 6 different steps. In this way, enough power is always achieved, but without unnecessary wheel spin. Even on snow-covered surfaces, the effect is perfectly adapted (S-function). This provides high productivity with minimal tire wear.

Great agility makes it suitable even in tight areas

The HST system also acts as an exceptionally powerful “engine brake”: As the accelerator pedal is released, the machine brakes automatically. Uncontrolled rolling has been eliminated, which is particularly dangerous in cramped, busy areas, or inside industrial halls. In addition, wear on the brake system is almost eliminated.

Setting the top speed gives maximum safety

The propulsion control has the option of limiting the top speed, depending on the conditions: Full speed between work areas, reduced speed on work areas that are heavily trafficked, are cramped, or otherwise require great care. In position 1, the speed can be changed infinitely between 1 and 13 km/h with the precision control. This is perfect for working with special equipment such as hedge trimmers or snow blowers.


Easy maintenance

  • Wide-core radiator with reversible fan
  • Improved engine compartment hatches (gullwing type)
  • Factory-fitted central lubrication (optional)

Easy access for maintenance

The large, gas-cushioned gull-wing doors provide easy access for maintenance and daily inspection. With long service intervals and with filters gathered in one place, maintenance and downtime are kept to an absolute minimum.

Wide-core radiator with reversible fan

The good flow in the radiator reduces the risk of it clogging up in dusty areas. To simplify the necessary cleaning, the machine is equipped with a reversible fan that blows clean the radiator. The automatic reversing function can be set for both time intervals between reversing and the length of this adapted to the working conditions.

AdBlue® tank

The AdBlue® tank is located on the right side of the machine, accessible from ground level for easy access.

EMMS (Equipment Management and Monitoring System)

The large high-resolution screen displays different machine information and allows different settings. The “Operation Records” menu displays lists of average fuel consumption, idle time, and other characteristics. Error codes are clearly displayed and stored to alert you and simplify troubleshooting. The screen also allows for advanced monitoring of system parameters via “Mechanic mode” as an aid in troubleshooting and to reduce downtime.

Diesel particle filter with regeneration

No interruptions or longer working days are required to clean the diesel particulate filter. Due to the superb Komatsu technology, KDPF burning takes place automatically, as needed.


Avaiable equipment:

  • Loading bucket
  • Driftsvekt

    12.975 - 13.525 kg

  • Motor

    Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 ‘Common Rail’ direct-injected, water-cooled, turbocharged, post-cooled diesel engine. Meets EU Stage V emission requirements.

  • Motoreffekt

    115 kW / 153 hk

  • Førerhytte

    SpaceCab med two-door cabin with ISO 3471 and ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) in accordance with SAE J1040c and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) in accordance with ISO 3449. The sound-absorbing cabin (overpressure cabin with air conditioning) is mounted on viscose dampers

  • Skuffevolum

    2,1 - 2,5 m³

  • Komatsu's Smart Loader Logic engine management as well as a proven hydrostatic driveline with a unique anti-spin system provide extreme propulsion and very low fuel consumption
  • Parallel lifting and standard wheel loader geometry in one machine.
  • Proven hydrostat with unique anti-spin system
  • Automatic engine stop when idling
  • Multifunction color monitor with monitoring system (EMMS) and menu control