Komatsu PW148-11 Wheeled Excavator

The experts at Komatsu designed the PW148-11 with a drastically reduced turning radius at the rear to meet the requirements for safe and productive work in all workplaces with limited space. In addition to a compact size, the Komatsu PW148-11 wheeled excavator has an unbeatable lifting capacity. The combination of power, weight distribution, favorable dimensions and full control makes the machine the first choice for heavy lifting work and simple excavation assignments on narrow roads, and for road and sewer systems.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

  • Satisfies EU Step lV
  • Adjustable auto idle stop
  • Komatsu fuel-saving technology
  • Superb driving function
  • Large lifting capacity

Superb usability

  • Compact construction with short turning radius at the rear
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Extra hydraulic outlet
  • Komatsu Integrated Work Tool Control (KIAC)
  • Large selection of accessories

Top class comfort

  • Premium air-cushioned seat with built-in digging lever consoles
  • Load damping (ECSS)
  • KomVision 270 ° camera system
  • Enhanced widescreen display
  • Lever control

The latest in maneuvering

  • Proportional operation
  • Ergonomic switch location
  • 6 work programs

Easy maintenance

  • Improved access for service
  • Longer maintenance interval for chassis
  • Central lubrication system
  • User-friendly location of the bunkering pump
  • Easy access to the AdBlue® tank


Komatsu fuel-saving technology

The fuel consumption of the PW148-11 has been reduced by up to 13%. The engine control system has been improved. The variable speed adjustment of motor and hydraulic pumps guarantees efficiency and precision both during single movements and combined movements. A viscose clutch allows for variable cooling fan speed to further reduce fuel consumption.

Adjustable auto idle stop

To reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, as well as to reduce operating costs, Komatsu’s auto idle stop will automatically stop the engine after it has been idling for a certain period of time. It can be easily programmed from 5 to 60 minutes. An eco-meter and eco-tips on the screen in the cab further contribute to efficient operation.

Effective exhaust treatment

The finishing system combines a Komatsu catalyst (KDOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR system injects the correct amount of AdBlue® with the correct ratio to break down NOx into water (H2O) and harmless nitrogen gas (N2).



Compact construction

PW148-11 is perfect in tight spaces with a compact construction and turning radius at the rear of only 1.85 m. In densely populated areas, but also along roads and in sewer systems where space is limited, PW148-11 is an efficient machine that provides more safety and fewer worries for the driver.

Extra hydraulic outlet

To be able to use many kinds of implements, such as buckets, hammers and bucket grabs, an additional hydraulic circuit is controlled with a slider on the digging lever, standard on PW148-11. To further increase usability and flexibility, an additional hydraulic circuit and an extra hydraulically operated quick coupling bracket can also be supplied. This means that, together with Komatsu’s integrated control of work tools (KIAC) replacement and operation of various tools is carried out quick and easy.

Towing hook for trailer

For increased versatility, the PW148-11 can be equipped with either ball coupling for car, ball coupling for agriculture, or automatic ball coupling for truck (for trailers up to 7.5 tons with brake). All necessary electrical and hydraulic connection equipment is included; two chassis circuits for tilting or operating the tailgate. These trailer functions can be operated with the digging levers in the cab.



Increased comfort

SpaceCab ™ gives you a comfortable and calm working environment with superb visibility around the workplace. The cab is ROPS approved, especially designed by Komatsu for hydraulic excavators, and the reinforced frame of tubular construction is mounted on viscose dampers to ensure low vibration. The standard steering wheel with telescopic function can be easily adjusted to your height and sitting position.

Low noise construction

Komatsu wheeled excavators have a very low external noise level and are particularly suitable for work in cramped places and in densely populated areas. Optimal use of noise-reducing and noise-absorbing materials helps to provide a very low internal noise level.

Premium comfort seat

The premium comfort seat comes with sprung excavator lever consoles, top-level damping, automatic weight control, pneumatic lumbar support, and a climate control system for perfect adjustment of the seat temperature.

Improved driver environment

With increased storage space in the cab, AUX input (MP3 input) and 12 V and 24 V power supply, the cab provides extra comfort. The automatic air conditioning system allows the driver to control the indoor climate easily and accurately.

Load damping (ECSS)

Load damping (ECSS) provides noticeably better comfort when driving over bumps.


Avaiable equipment:

  • Tiltrotator
  • Narrow bucket
  • Fixed grading bucket
  • Digging bucket
  • Hydraulic Clamp
  • Driftsvekt

    16 000 (ca.)

  • Motor

    Komatsu SAA4D107E-3, turbocharged Common Rail direct-injection low-emission EU Stage IV engine with catalytic converter and AdBlue, 4 cylinders, 4.5 l, 90 kW / 121 hp

  • Førerhytte

    Large roll-over protection (ROPS) cabin. Noise level in the cabin: 69 dB (A).

  • Standard utstyr

    Rear view camera, two-part boom, a double-acting hydraulic circuit on the stick, extra counterweight, central lubrication, parallel-cut inserts, Komtrax machine control system and Komatsu Care maintenance program.

  • Standard stikke

    2. 500 mm

  • Very stable
  • Large lifting capacity
  • Small turning radius due to short hedge
  • High lifting height
  • Two-part boom
  • Large cabin with high driver comfort
  • Low noise level