Komatsu PC228USLC-11 Hydraulic Excavator Short tail


Powerful and environmentally friendly

  • Satisfies EU Step lV
  • Adjustable auto idle stop
  • Komatsu fuel-saving technology
  • Cooling fan with viscous coupling
  • Up to 21% greater lifting capacity

Optimized efficiency

  • Increased productivity
  • Built-in versatility and superior productivity
  • Short hedge and superb stability
  • Improved engine management
  • Improved hydraulic efficiency

Top class comfort

  • Air-cushioned driver’s seat
  • Low noise construction
  • Very user-friendly Widescreen display
  • Improved driver environment

Safety first

  • Komatsu SpaceCab fører cab
  • Improved screen
  • Neutral positioning system for the control levers
  • KomVision 270 ° camera system
If you want to know more about KomVision, see here:

Powerful and environmentally friendly

Higher productivity

PC228USLC-11 is fast and precise. It features a powerful Komatsu EU Stage IV diesel engine, Komatsu load-sensing “closed center” hydraulic system (CLSS) and premium Komatsu comfort that delivers fast response and unmatched productivity in its class.

Komatsu fuel-saving technology

The fuel consumption of PC228USLC-11 has been reduced by up to 6%. Engine control has been improved. The variable speed adjustment of the engine and hydraulic pumps ensures efficiency and precision both during single movements and combined movements.

Adjustable auto idle stop

To reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, as well as to reduce operating costs, Komatsu’s auto-idle stop will automatically stop the engine after it has been idling for a set period of time. It can be easily programmed from 5 to 60 minutes. An eco-meter and eco-tips on the screen in the cab further contribute to efficient operation.

Komatsu EU Stage IV

Komatsu EU Stage IV is a productive, reliable and efficient engine. With extremely low emissions, it provides a better environmental footprint and superior performance. This reduces operating costs, while at the same time giving the driver less to think about at work.

Effective exhaust aftertreatment

The finishing system combines a Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR system injects the correct amount of AdBlue® with the correct ratio to break down NOx into water (H2O) and harmless nitrogen gas (N2). NOx emissions are reduced by 80% compared to EU Stage IIIB engines.

Optimized efficiency

PC228USLC-11 has a rounded shape with minimal protrusions both front and rear. The very short turning radius at the rear is perfect for working in tight spaces, especially in densely populated areas or on road construction, during forestry work and demolition work. Thanks to optimal solutions, the PC228USLC-11 is extremely stable.

Together with the machine’s large range, this stability makes the machine ideal for work that requires long range, such as demolition work and work on slopes. With sufficient reach for emptying during loading work, the operator can always work easily, efficiently and completely relaxed.

Built-in versatility

Komatsu PC228USLC-11 is equipped to perform all kinds of tasks, efficiently. On small or large plants, for excavation, digging, landscaping or site work, Komatsu’s original hydraulic system always ensures maximum productivity and control.

Large selection of accessories

Two hydraulic circuits can be supplied and ten implement memory settings are easily adapted. Combined with a standard-fitted circuit for hydraulically operated implement mounts, it is easier than ever to change working methods. With a variety of connectors and belt bases, you can configure PC228USLC-11 custom specific
requirements for transport, range and work tasks.

6 work program

PC228USLC-11 delivers the power required with the lowest fuel consumption. 6 work functions are available: Power, Lift / Fine Planning, Hammer, Economy,
Tool Power and Tool Economy. The operator can ideally balance the finance function between “power” and “economy” to match the work in question.
The amount of oil delivered to hydraulic implements can also be adjusted directly on the best widescreen display in the class.

Top class comfort

Increased comfort

In the wide Komatsu SpaceCab hy cabin, the air-spring seat has a high back standard, with warmth for increased comfort and with fully adjustable armrests. It is the optimal center for a comfortable and less tiring work environment. Ergonomically and logically designed levers and switches further contribute to increasing the driver’s productivity to the maximum.

Perfect driver environment

In addition to DAB + radio, the PC228USLC-11 has an additional input for connecting external devices to play music through the speakers in the cabin. Two 12-volt power outlets are also available in the cabin. Proportional levers are fitted as standard for safe and precise operation of implements.

Low noise construction

Komatsu crawler excavators have very low external noise levels and are particularly suitable for work in cramped conditions.


Avaviable equipment:

  • Digging bucket
  • Narrow bucket
  • Fixed grading bucket
  • Pliers
  • Tilt
  • Driftsvekt

    ca. 25 500 kg

  • Motor

    Komatsu SAA6D107E-2, turboladet Common Rail direkteinnsprøytet lavutslipps EU Steg IV motor med KDPF dieselpartikkelfilter, 6 sylindre, 6,69 l, 123 kW/165 hk

  • Førerhytte

    Stor veltesikker (ROPS) hytte. Støynivå i hytta: 72 dB(A).

  • Standard utstyr

    KomVision 270° kamerasystem, en dobbeltvirkende hydraulikkrets frem på stikke, sentralsmøring, Komtrax™ maskinkontrollsystem med kommunikasjon via mobilnettet, samt Komatsu Care vedlikeholdsprogram.

  • Standard stikke

    2900 mm

  • Brytekrefter skuffe

    15.200 kg

  • Brytekrefter stikke

    11.000 kg

  • Stabil, stor løftekapasitet
  • Meget liten svingradius
  • Stor hytte med høy førerkomfort
  • KDPF dieselpartikkelfilter med 9.000 timer/5 års garanti og inntil to gratis skifter av partikkelfilteret
  • Komatsu CARE™ gratis vedlikeholdsprogram 3 år / 2 000 t
  • Solid konstruksjon med utpreget bruk av hele plater for å unngå sprekkdannelser i bom og stikke