Komatsu HB365LC-3 Hybrid excavator

Stunning productivity and fuel economy

Powerful and environmentally friendly
• Satisfies EU Stage V
• Adjustable auto-idle stop
• Komatsu fuel-saving hybrid technology

Top class comfort
• Very low noise level
• Screen with widescreen format

Safety first
• Komatsu SpaceCab™ cab
• KomVision 270° bird’s-eye view camera system
• Neutral position system for the control levers

Further developed Komatsu hybrid system
• Proven technology
• Reliable and durable hybrid components
• Electric swing to capture and regenerate energy
• Significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions
• Increased productivity

Maximized efficiency
• Increased productivity
• Built-in versatility and superior productivity
• Improved engine management
• Improved hydraulic efficiency

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Komatsu hybrid system

In Komatsu’s unique hybrid system, the electric swing motor-generator captures and regenerates energy when the overcarriage’s swing movement slows down, converting it into electrical energy. The regenerated energy is stored in the capacitor and can be used for turning, or through the generator engine to help the engine accelerate. In this way, fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

Reliable and durable hybrid components
Most of the components of the hybrid system are developed and manufactured by Komatsu. The electric swing motor-generator, inverter and capacitor have a separate cooling system for maximum reliability and operational reliability. The inverter and capacitor have a long service life and require no maintenance.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

Higher productivity
The HB365LC/NLC-3 is fast and precise. It features a powerful Komatsu EU Stage V diesel engine, Komatsu load-sensing “closed center” hydraulic system (CLSS) and premium Komatsu comfort that provides quick response and unmatched
productivity in its class.

Komatsu fuel saving technology
The fuel consumption of the HB365LC/NLC-3 has been reduced by up to 30%. The engine management has been improved. The variable speed adjustment of the engine and hydraulic pumps guarantees efficiency and precision both during single movements and combined movements.

Adjustable auto idle stop
To reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, as well as to reduce operating costs, Komatsu’s auto-idle stop will automatically stop the engine after idling for a certain set period of time. It can easily be programmed from 5 to 60 minutes. An eco-meter and eco-tips on the screen in the cab further contribute to efficient operation.

Maximized efficiency

Great digging power
The two mode settings for the boom provide a “power” mode for a more efficient digging force and a “quiet” mode for gathering mass and for fine grading. By temporarily pressing the PowerMax function button, the HB365LC/NLC-3’s digging power is given extra power.

Large selection of accessories
Two hydraulic circuits can be supplied and ten settings for implement memories can be adapted easily. Combined with a standard-mounted circuit for hydraulically operated attachment, it is easier than ever to change working methods. With a choice of four connectors, you can configure the HB365LC/NLC-3 to suit specific requirements for transport, range and work tasks.

6 work functions
The HB365LC/NLC-3 delivers the power required with the lowest fuel consumption. 6 work functions are available: Power, Lift, Hammer, Economy, Implement Power and Implement Economy. The operator can ideally balance the economy function between “power” and “economy” to match the work at hand. The amount of oil delivered to hydraulic implements can also be adjusted directly on the best-in-class widescreen display.

Top class comfort

Increased comfort
In the wide Komatsu SpaceCab™ cabin, an air-suspended seat with a high back is standard, with heating for increased comfort and with fully adjustable armrests. It is the optimal center for a comfortable and less tiring working environment. Ergonomically and logically designed levers and switches further contribute to increasing the driver’s productivity to the maximum.

Perfect driving environment
In addition to DAB+ radio, the HB365LC/NLC-3 has an additional input for connecting external devices to play music through the speakers in the cabin. Two 12-volt power outlets are also found in the cabin. Proportional levers are fitted as standard for safe and precise operation of implements.

Quiet construction
Komatsu crawler excavators have a very low external noise level and are particularly suitable for work in tight spaces and densely populated areas. Optimum use of noise-reducing and noise-absorbing materials contributes to a very low interior noise level.

Optimum safety in the workplace

The safety equipment on the Komatsu HB365LC/NLC-3 meets the latest industry standards and works in synergy to minimize risk to people in and around the machine. Safety lock for the drive levers and digging levers increases safety at the workplace, together with seat belt indicator and seat belt alarm. Very durable, non-slip plates with extra high friction maintain optimal safety.

Safe maintenance
Heat covers at high temperature areas around the engine, protected fan belt and pulleys, a partition between pump and engine that prevents hydraulic oil from splashing onto the engine, as well as exceptionally solid handles, all in good Komatsu tradition, contribute to the highest level of safety for a quick and easy maintenance.’

Komatsu SpaceCab™ cab
The cab is made of steel tubes that are strong and impact-resistant. It absorbs very strong shocks and vibrations. The safety belt is designed to ensure that the driver remains in the safe zone in the cabin if the machine overturns. As an option, it can be supplied with a protective grille (FOPS) with a front that can be opened.

KomVision gives you a 360-degree overview of the machine. A camera is mounted on each side and one at the back of the machine. The 4 cameras are shown on the screen in the cabin.

  • Weight

    36 400 - 37 350 kg

  • Motor

    Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 202 kW / 271 hk

  • Bucket volume

    Max 2,66 m³

  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions
  • Very high productivity
  • Proven and unique Komatsu hybrid technology
  • Spacious cabin with high comfort, very low noise level